Motocross is one of the most fascinating motor sports and certainly one of the most affordable in terms of economics. It is practiced on a closed track unlike Enduro. The latter is considered to be far more dangerous for injury since it consists of long trips, usually through mountains where anyything is possible: a cliff you didn’t notice, an animal that jumped in front of you, a fallen tree and even (we do not joke), a retired hunter with visual impairments.
In Motocross things are much safer, but in addition to the protective equipment and excellent condition of the engine, an excellent physical condition is required. It is worth noting that world champions in other motor sports, such as Valentino Rossi and Fernando Alonso, are practicing motocross to maintain and improve their fitness.

Some believe – and probably are right – that the most important thing in Motocross racing is the rider’s fitness. More important than the state of the machine and it goes without saying that you need both to ensure good performance. It is therefore advisable for the athlete to practice on the track and in a gym or if he is serious about the sport and most definitely find a coach.
Also, the rider needs special protection equipment such as a Motocross helmet, goggles to avoid injury to the stones and the soil he or she is flying in the front, neck and chest protection, knee pads, boots, gloves, etc.
In general, if the equipment is valuable, it effectively protects against injuries, especially those of the most common extremities. Of course, what is pain in the face of beauty? Once we have solved all of the above, there is one more thing: the piece of aesthetics.

You can design your own helmet or machine – or even better – with a professional graphic designer. However, official companies producing helmets offer amazing designs that do not need customization.
There are printers in who specialize in custom stickers: they have the digital cutters of each machine / model (you can buy them online), customize and design whatever you want and of course they print it for you. They are applied to special materials, with special inks to withstand the stress of the race, but also with the weather (sun, humidity). There are also vinyl wheels for rims. They just want a little more attention while applying if you decide to install it yourself.
And after all that, let’s get into your own look. Here in Athlon Custom Sportswear® we create your own Motocross Jersey from start to finish. Vertical production offers your own unique experience, tailor made with high quality guaranteed. So, take care of your safety first on the Bike and then come to us so we can design your amazing, cool, rad, hip unique Custom Jersey for riding on raced or just training! Looks always matter.
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