Brazilian Ziou Zitsou

Fully customizable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi or Jiu Jitsu Kimono.

Everything is customisable from the selection of fabrics (300 gsm to 500 gsm, canvas or even ripstop) to the type of embroidery. The colors can be any of the standard Blue White or Black but anything can be used for special orders. Pathes can be added on almost any part of the Gi as a economical alternative Combinations of color can be used on the the kimono, even a different color lapel. so dont hesitate ask us for a quote on a custom BJJ Gi.

Rash Guard Pro

High guality rash guard with excellent fit, ideal for training and close contact sports. Made of specialized elastic fabric that removes moisture offering great ease of movement. Provides enhanced comfort and ventilation to the athlete, quality and durability.

Rash Guard Short Sleeve

Rashguard of high quality material with excellent fit, ideal for workout and full contact sports. It is made of a special elastic fabric that breathes and removes moisture and sweat with special antimicrobial protection. Provides great comfort, unobstructed movement and great durability. Provides great comfort, unobstructed movement and great durability.

Rash Guard Long Sleeve

Ένδυμα υψηλής ποιότητας και εξαιρετικής εφαρμογής, ιδανικό για προπόνηση και άμεση επαφή με το σώμα, είναι φτιαγμένο από εξειδικευμένο ελαστικό ύφασμα που απομακρύνει την υγρασία του ιδρώτα. Επιπλέον προσφέρει μεγάλη ευκολία κινήσεων. Παρέχει ενισχυμένη άνεση και αερισμό στον αθλητή, ποιότητα και ανθεκτικότητα.

Fight Shorts Muay Thai

These impressive Muay Thai fight shorts have faux leather hems for extra durability and breathable side strips. Ideal for Muay Thai

Μαχητικά Σορτς MMA

It is built to withstand everything: light and thin fabric with high strength and elastic fabric in stress zones Suitable for all martial arts and all kinds workout.

Fight Shorts Cut Seam

High-quality garment with excellent fit, ideal for training and direct contact with the body. It is made of a durable, specialized, elastic fabric that draws away moisture and perspiration.

Split Seam Pro Fight Shorts

Innovative product with dual nature combining internal short leggings for the ultimate freedom while shorts externally provide a fully customizable product thus providing high aesthetics of a shorts and comfort of leggings.

Fight Practice Shorts

It constitutes an economic, but equally sophisticated and practical choice for MMA - grappling, combining two fabrics for free movement and to draw away moisture and perspiration.