Ho Ho Ho – Sportswear gifts for Her and Him

Tis that time of the year when you are looking for the perfect gifts for friends, lovers, and family. Some of them may be practicing sports activities or may love the outdoors. Chocolates and books are always great gifts, but why not choose sportswear gifts that fits their passion for sports?

Here is our top 5 gift list in Athlon. All are under 50€, so they are good quality gifts that won’t break the bank. Some of our suggestions are one-size-fits-all, for peace of mind while ordering. Others come with a simple size guide to make sure that you can easily select the adequate size.

 1. An impressive rash guard for fighting or water sports

Rash guards are an important piece of attire for many sports, from surfing and diving to martial arts. In Athlon, we have a wide selection of rash guards made from technical dry fit fabrics, with long or short sleeves. But the one feature that makes them really great for a gift is their amazing prints. From Asian dragons to Greek mythology warriors, you will certainly find the perfect rash guard for the most demanding taste.

Plus, on top of ready-made designs, we can help you create your own personalized and unique print.

 2. A poncho towel for water sports and swimming

Poncho towels are the best idea since sliced bread for whoever practices a water sport. If you are looking for a gift for a water sports fan who needs to stay warm after getting out of the sea or the pool and change into dry clothes easily, think poncho towel. It allows them to use their hands under the poncho to take their swimming suit off and put on clothes in total discretion.

Athlon’s poncho towels are light but warm, and the prints are fantastic. Gift someone a poncho towel, and they will remember you with a smile every time they use it!

 3. A warm hoodie with a great print

As you may have realized, in Athlon we have a passion for technical fabrics and great prints. Our full zip track suit hoodies are made of high quality polyester material that keeps you warm and provides wind protection. Our diving designs are simply breathtaking.

Hoodies are also great for those who love the great outdoors and like hiking in the mountain or on the seaside.

 4. Women tights

Whatever the sport a woman does, a good pair of training tights is always appreciated and they can never have enough, especially if they train often. Tights are also a good choice for active days and going out and about.

Athlon’s tights come in more than 50 amazing designs and colors, to find the perfect one for every athletic woman in your life.


 5. Cycling Jersey

If you are looking for a gift for a biker, a cycling jersey is a good idea. Athlon’s short sleeve Cycling Jersey is made of durable, quick-dry material. Its preformed athletic v-shape cut ensures a perfect fit. The full-length front zip, the sizable three-compartment pocket on the back, the elasticated hem and the flat stitching are qualities that make up a perfect biking garment for demanding athletes.

The bright colors not only are stylish, but they also enhance visibility, an important feature when biking in traffic.

Who knows? Maybe you will be tempted to buy a sportswear gift for yourself too and join in the action with a fantastic athletic garment from Athlon Custom Sportswear!

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