Any design takes time to make. We are more than willing to aid you in this but as time and effort cost money you may be willing to submit your own presnoal work to us. Which is fine and well accepted, if you are versed in graphic arts. To do this just ask for the templates of the particular clothes you are interested and we will provide them along with any pertinent information. We suggest you use the Adobe suit and submit your design to us in editable format. Below please find our guideline.

  • 1. Your design file has to be a layered and editable design format (.ai, .psd or .pdf).
  • 2. Do not send rasterized formats like .jpg, .png or similar.
  • 3. Do not send hand drawn or scanned documents. Everything has to be designed digitally.
  • 4. Use only RGB colors NOT CMYK.
  • 5. A maximum design size limit of 800 MB is accepted.
  • 6. The minimum resolution of your design should be 200 DPI and the size of our template should not be altered.
  • 7. Remember to include the player names in your designs in extra layers in the same file and clearly state in your email how many players there are.

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