Wear your own custom sportswear, tell us your idea and let our creative team to make it happen

Athlon custom sportswear offers a professional and fast design service that allows you to design your own clothing and wear unique apparel, allowing you to stand out of the crowd.

Our designers will help you come up with a solution for every need quickly and efficiently. Our production team will ensure top quality product.

Wear what you want not what you can find.

Our working process in 4 steps

See how simple it is to get your own custom apparel

The Idea

Come up with idea of what you need designed. These can include sketches or draft work


Provide these materials (logos pictures artwork etc) to us and we will revert with a mockup of your idea


Confirm the design and we will produce it for you in a timely manner


We will notify you when the order is ready. Come and pick it up or let us arrange shipping worldwide.

100% Customisable

Athlon Custom sportswear allows you to design every inch of the fabric you are wearing. As a process, this requires care in the customization process of a type of clothing we offer you. Choose from a number of selected products ranging for extreme heat or cold, rain wind or snow. We can design your own personal pattern for a small cost. Do not hesitate to ask us!

Without minimum order quantity

Producing custom clothing means that every garment you buy was produced for you specifically. Therefore, it is entirely possible to buy 1 or even more then 100. Our production is capable of ramping up or down to meet your needs.

14 Days Production and Delivery

Delivery time is around 10-14 days. However, once the order is given and all artwork is finished and confirmed by you, you can start counting days. We will speedily expedite your request and notify you for delivery.

If you also want your team or your athletes to stand out from the competition

then request a free quote from us and we will be happy to assist you!