How to order CustomIn 4 steps

See how easy it is to create your own smashing clothing

Your Idea

Your idea! send us a sketch, your artwork or a brief description of what you need. Diagrams & images always help.

Design Phase

Our expert design team will now create for you what you envisioned. Alterations can still be done at this phase. A final 3D mock-up will be provided to verify design.

Prodution Phase

Your confirmed design will be printed on the fabric and it will be cut and sewn by our diligent and expert production team, in a timely manner.


Your order is inspected, packaged and expedited to your door by any shipping method chosen by you.

100% Customization

Athlon Custom Sportswear allows you to draw every inch of your garment. Of course, this kind of adaptation requires special care. Choose from a wide range of products designed for cold or heat, water, snow, wind. We can also design your personal motif at a small charge. Do not hesitate to ask us!

No Minimum Order

Adjusting your clothes to your measure means just that: your garment will fit you like a glove. And you can order from one piece to over a hundred. Our production team will adapt to your own needs, in size and quantity.

14 day Production and Delivery

Delivery within 14 days. Once you have placed your order and completed and approved all can start counting days! We will prepare your clothes and we will notify you immediately.